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The Concept of God Vinoth M Book review Indian

The Concept of ‘God’ by Vinoth M is like quizzing yourself… accept the challenge?

I am not into a habit of reading books from the same category that I have been reading recently and I look for varieties in terms of genre, authors and even languages, at times. So, in quest of my intellectual appetite, I have come across a book titled The Concept of ‘God’ which is written by a new author, new because he is new into the field of writing, Vinoth M, from India. The book’s title is nice and it does tell the correct story when I realised by browsing a few pages randomly. The book tries to find out the ‘concept’ of God. I am excited to read this book!

I have put in the title of this article that reading this book might be like quizzing yourself and I am not saying it lightly. The book actually tests your knowledge of science and also your ‘faith’ to an extent. The believers of a higher authority or God, per se, might find this book as a scientific recalculation of their ideas if they follow what the author tries to make them do. Vinoth takes a long route before reaching the point where he begins discussing the concept of God. And that long route will give too many things to the readers to argue, discuss, debate and ‘decide’.

There are many books in this domain which talk about God and Godly ideas. However, Vinoth M’s ideas are new, rather fresh, and purely the products of reason and emotions combined. The author does try to give space to religion and religious thoughts as well. However, the board is tilted towards the rational explanation of things that we see around us rather than a Godly idea of the creation. I am certainly looking up to read the arguments of the author in various chapters.

Well, I cannot suggest that the readers should read the book even if they are not interested in the content but I am sure that any reader who goes through the initial chapters, the preface itself and the chapter division, will certainly be intrigued by the book and might want to finish reading it asap. Who does not want to read perspectives on God? Who does not want to understand the idea of God? Who does not want to know more about The Concept of ‘God’?

Vinoth M’s attempt is appreciable and I am not yet giving any verdict about the book’s content because that is something the readers can find out themselves and make their assumptions. So, if you want to read something interesting and intriguing, the book is for you. All the best!


An article by Deepak for Indian Book Lovers

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