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Want to read literature updates? We have got something!

A place which is good for the literary news is rare to find these days because, for most of the news ventures, many other things become important and take the driver seat and literature often treads into the back seat and sits silently. However, a little scrutiny of the web can surely land you someplace safe where you can find only news related to literature and that’s all! You get nothing else than that – can you guess when you have last seen a platform as curated as this? Well, we are here to help you because we know exactly where the apples ripe!

Please check this platform – Literature News! As the name suggests rightly, the platform is all about news related to literature and nothing else. You will find opinions, news, award results, nominations, literary events, book fairs, book reviews, author interviews and so many other things which are strictly related to literature and literary dimensions only. You will find nothing else and nothing means nothing, that’s it! The platform is rather new and posts daily. You will find some important news which happened during the day or yesterday and maybe some opinions related to literature every day or every alternate day.

What we love about this platform is the best way to design the website as well as offering quality content. It does not run ads and that is a great relief in the modern web experience because of any website, even if it is just starting, loves to play with the advertisements and focus very less on the content. Literature News, on the other hand, focuses only on content and the quality of the content and so the readers have great experience browsing and reading the website and news on it. You can just read what you love and it offers a smooth experience irrespective of the type of the device you browse the website with!

Literature News is maintained by the energetic writers who have deep experience in literary writing and you might find odd opinions by Alok Mishra, one of the top Indian book bloggers and literary opinion makes of the day. You will love the platform and we are sure it will help you find what you were looking for in the terms of literature. Make sure to check them out!

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