Indian Fiction – the standards


The common themes for the Indian fiction in the contemporary days have limited themselves to the ones like love, lust, sex, and again love, lust and sex. It’s unfortunate because we Indians have the right to read the books on different themes as well but because the books which are based on such themes sell in a large number, the authors won’t refrain even from working and reworking on the same...

Want to read literature updates? We have got something!


A place which is good for the literary news is rare to find these days because, for most of the news ventures, many other things become important and take the driver seat and literature often treads into the back seat and sits silently. However, a little scrutiny of the web can surely land you someplace safe where you can find only news related to literature and that’s all! You get nothing...

5 Books for November 2017 Reading List!


Literature owes an important place, being candid, one of the most important places in our life. We need literature in this or that or some other format in our life to carry on being the person we ought to be. Where did you learn that we must speak the truth as far as possible? Where did you learn that we must not commit crimes? Where did you last see that human beings must learn to live in peace...

Some Better Reading Habits


How often do you read? Do you read a lot or you just read? The reading habits are not only the mirror of your bookshelf’s rich but also of your interest in the ‘intellectual leisure’. Reading is a habit which can transform you into a better person if you read the titles which possess quality in the content and it could very well work vice-versa as well. Since the ancient times, reading has always...

Let’s Read Hindi Literature!


Ready for Hindi Literature 2.0? Yes, you got it right! It’s coming! Hindi Literature has been on the rise and enlarging and widening readership of Hindi books is a testimony to the aforesaid statement. Gone are the days when authors were known only be their English books; modern days in the nation have been changing the defined definitions so well and this is one of them. As hungry readers, we...

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