Literature owes an important place, being candid, one of the most important places in our life. We need literature in this or that or some other format in our life to carry on being the person we ought to be. Where did you learn that we must speak the truth as far as possible? Where did you learn that we must not commit crimes? Where did you last see that human beings must learn to live in peace and harmony? The answer must be books and books are the answers to all the tough questions that we face in our lives, today, tomorrow, yesterday and every day! And you will seldom find these lessons of life in the usual academic books; you will just need to go through the books which teach more than the necessary information required to promote between classes.

Today, I will offer a list of some of the best books which can teach you the greatest lessons in life and that also in a rather easy and fun ways. If you don’t find the lesson in them, the books will, at least, entertain you to the full and would offer you the moments of considerable consideration at the same time. In short, you will just enjoy reading those books. So, here we go:

Pride and Prejudice: Pride and Prejudice is still proud to be one of the most read books in the world history of literature. The 1813 novel still captivates the hearts of the readers and during the read, offers some great and valuable insight into the depth of the psyche of a lover and various human beings. If everything else fails, you will not be an exception to not being the reader who enjoys the quality of the writing that Jane Austen exhibits and she does it so wonderfully! The charming Darcy and mesmerising Elizabeth are still the characters to be in the hearts of the millions! Interested? Get this book from Amazon right now:

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Golden Treasury: Whether a poetry lover or not, you seriously need to have this book pressed with your pillow in the nights when you have to do nothing and you cannot find your sleep. Reading the poems by Shakespeare will fascinate you and reading those by likes of Herbert and Crashaw will force you to think a lot and reading the poetry of Keats will make you a lover! Do get this best-ever collection of the best poems written by the poets from the beginning to the end and enhance your understanding of the English poetry! Get a copy on Amazon now:

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The Kite Runner: If you a fan of problematic novels, you will find this novel so close to the reading style and habit of yours! Khaled Hosseini offers you the insights into the problems of people who are marred by the evils like terrorism and homelessness and deprivation of the thing called life. The metaphorical charm of the Kite and Kite Runner are just wonderful to be read! If you are doing nothing this weekend, get a copy from Amazon right now and start reading the novel The Kite Runner.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini on Amazon India

Animal Farm: If you haven’t yet heard about this book, please (politely) count yourself on the list of those lazy readers who just read the copies which are in their comfort zone and do nothing in the name of literary exploration! Animal Farm is, perhaps, the lightest of novels ever written in the history of English writing and yet, it has a vast domain – it can be enjoyed; it can be taken seriously; it can be taken so much seriously; it can be enjoyed any way you want! The saga of the Pigs who outdo the men and then outdo themselves by being with the men again – leaving other animals bemused and aghast! Pure fun, dear readers! You MUST read this book right now and it won’t pain you as it would take nothing more than 10 hours of your casual Saturday, with considerable breaks in between! Get a copy right now!

Animal Farm by George Orwell on Amazon India

The Guide: The R K Narayan written book will leave you stunned! One of the three great pillars of Indian English writing (novels), including Raja Rao and Mulk Raj Anand, R K Narayan’s The Guide has been appreciated by the greats of the world in the field. For many book critics in India, present and past, The Guide holds special dignity as it captures the life of an ordinary young man, his ambitions, the rise, the fall and the rise again – all so wonderful that it leaves the readers captivated and enchanted! If you haven’t yet read the love story of Raju and haven’t yet seen a sacrifice of a saint for the masses, you need to read The Guide by R K Narayan, right now!

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I hope this reading list will be useful for the readers and they will gain something by reading some of all the books on this list. Please leave your feedback in the comments section. Indian Book Lovers will be highly delighted by seeing your responses coming! Keep reading!

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