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Shilpa Raj – an author and her story!

For us, Shilpa Raj was a new name as got her book for a read. One of our team members bought her book from Amazon after hearing so much about the book The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter. And then, our review process began. Shilpa’s book deserves all the success it has garnered and also she deserves the recognition and fame that she is enjoying just after a single book under her authorship… she deserves all because she has done something praiseworthy and notable. The daughter of a simple elephant chaser and a person from the lower section of the Indian dilemmatic society, Shilpa Raj has made a name for herself on her own. And yet, she did not forget to write about those who are often unheard among the intellectual and ultra-civil society!

Before the publication of The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter and its launch in July 2017, seldom a person knew who Shilpa was. After the publication and the success of her debut book, Shilpa Raj has eventually made a place for herself among the top authors who write for some good cause and with a dedication to some other thing than the business of writing. Her work is a non-fiction as well as a perfect example of literature for a fair cause. Shilpa has talked about the life she had (purely personal) and tried to tell her readers what she felt and what she feels being born and brought up, initially, in a house and to parents who could barely feed her and other family members two times. She has also shared her experience at Shanti Bhavan, a school for children who are not supposed to get educated (because of the financial crisis).

However, her personal memoir has taken the shape a great document for the readers to know more about the life of people behind the wall which hides the bitter truths from us. The top book bloggers in India and many other countries outside have praised The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter for the genuine and yet universal kind of stuff! Anyone who belongs to a poor and backward society in India can put himself or herself in the shoes of Shilpa and we can have another ray of sunshine… given the opportunity and adequate resources, people can do anything which seems impossible in some instances and Shilpa Raj’s success as an author has proved the same. And now, the author wants to continue being the vocal person for many others like her and spread their causes. Her next book, according to a website, is going to be a based on a better approach towards educating the children and supply them with proper idea and emotions about being sensible and responsible persons.

You can read and explore more about Shilpa on her official website:

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