Love has mostly been at the centre of literature. A small twist in the plot or a grand theme, love has played its part in making some of the best literary creations in the world possible. Many literary figures have used the idea of love in many ways. In contemporary fiction, nevertheless, love has almost been reduced to something that cannot penetrate beyond the physical limitations of the human body… Not denying that there are still the authors who respect this idea, and this article is about recent works that have celebrated love in a way it should be. Get introduced to two romantic comedies in the form of novel by two women novelists, both are Indian but one lives outside India.

Srinithya Srinivasan’s novel, Marry Me, Ms. Stranger, is not exactly a comedy if you care to see beyond witty exchanges between the protagonists. However, her novel makes use of romantic ideas, the theme of marriage and the concept of love. Aman is an arrogant person (at the outset) who proposes marriage to Janani, the female protagonist as well as the narrator of the novel. The entire novel has been written in a first-person narrative and that makes the readers privy to her thoughts which are, in a way, the thoughts of the author herself. Dialogues, monologues, events, humour, satire, romance… everything that’s there in this novel can easily translate this script into a movie! Srinithya has done well in conveying her ideas. Marry Me, Ms. Stranger can also serve as a tool for the feminists who wish to know what a woman thinks about marriage, marrying a stranger, role of trust, love, respect in marriage etc. The novel has been released recently and it is being offered for free on Amazon in Kindle version.

The second book is based on comic episodes in life, rather serious, which led, accidentally, to the best possible events that could happen in the life of the protagonist named Mahashweta. Mamta Kashyap’s novel An Unusual Honeymoon is written in the first-person narrative and it deals with the life of Mahashweta, an ambitious woman who comes to Sikkim to celebrate and enjoy her honeymoon, ALONE! She meets the guy who owns the inn she stays and then, her life is drastically changed… she was barely coming out of a marriage that couldn’t be and reached on her lonely honeymoon only to be married within 48 hours… 🙂 This novel raises the memories of old-days Bollywood movies when comedy used to offer healthy hours of laughter to the audience. With everything kept at an elementary level, the novel is for anyone who enjoys reading English fiction…

And these two novels, other than offering entertainment, delight and wonderful reading hours to us, also reinforce the idea that only sex, sleazy stories without any seriousness and baseless thrillers are not the things to write. If you care to venture beyond what’s in the trend, you can actually make use of classical and traditional themes. Mamta and Srinithya have given out wonderful messages… are you ready for some light hours of comic relief, readers? You can get both the books from Amazon India and enjoy!

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Written by Samriddhi for Indian Book Lovers

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