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A Dark love story indian book lovers review

A Dark Love Story by Shairoz K. Anwarali: Book Review

Let’s get straight into the book. Shairoz K. Anwarali’s novel is a love story between two young people – Ella and Parker. However, as you get into the depth of the story, and further into the depths of individual stories of Ella and Parker, you get to know the ‘dark’ parts of this love story… so, one is a vampire and one a human being. You can get the idea now.

Shairoz’s writing is a little hesitant as her character Ella is. She is an orphan who is too afraid of things in the beginning but somehow she is brilliant enough to score well in the examinations and eventually secures a reputed scholarship (which only a few can do) to get an admission in a school which is well-known. The new place brings new experiences and this begins right with the journey itself when she experiences that someone is with her all along the passage through a dense forest well-notorious for its supernatural incidents. She is introduced to Parker, the vampire (which she discovers later), after a few more incidents that compels her to look for a stranger around her.

Well, the novel has a layered story which involves many look-ups into the past and links of the past to the present unfoldings. However, the writing hasn’t been able to match all the enhancements to the plot. You will find a hasty narrative that is somehow moving towards a possibly happy conclusion. Nevertheless, there are many moments of brilliance as well. As the novel is the very first work by the novelist, we can have it expected. The efforts to put things together, however, are certainly there to be appreciated.

Shairoz’s A Dark Love Story is not too dark and neither too bright. It is somewhere in between so that you can just finish it without being overwhelmed or underwhelmed. It is a balanced novel that offers something in the bracket of wonderful and something in the bracket of just good. This balance, that the author has been able to maintain, makes A Dark Love Story my pick for young readers who look for fantasy storylines to spend their Saturday nights reading novels and waking up late to enjoy their leisurely Sundays. If you are one of those, pick it up and judge the novel and the novelist on their merits rather than taking my words on their face value.

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Review by a reviewer for Indian Book Lovers

A Dark Love Story by Shairoz K. Anwarali: Book Review
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The storyline is good and it could have seen a better execution… however, in the present state, the novel is still a wonderful pass time for the readers who are curious to consume modern novels having fantasy elements… vampire is one of them!

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