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Indian Book Critics plans another big Facebook campaign to offer the best books to Indian readers

In India, speaking in strict digital terms, Indian Book Critics has made a name for itself among readers, authors and publishers alike. Readers, nevertheless, have always the lion’s share in terms of their involvement in the policy decisions that this platform has been taking recently. Talking to one of their representatives, Amit Mishra, we have confirmed news that Indian Book Critics has planned to do something on Facebook that they have named as ‘curating the reading habits with best recommendations – less frequently’. Amit further added that the readers will see a targeted set of recommendations, curated and perfectly matching their bucket of possible titles. So, what’s this? Let’s get into a brief analysis.

Indian Book Critics is certainly one of the best book review websites in India, there should not be any possible doubts about this assertion. In a very short span of time, with their dedicated content production, this platform has emerged as a favourite among readers as well as authors. They have been using the value of social media to the best effect as well. However, now they have decided to offer separate channels for the readers who want recommendations from a certain section of books only. For example, suppose you are someone who loves reading romance novels. You can go on Facebook and find the page created by Indian Book Critics for the lovers of romantic novels – Romance Books Channel. You should also look for IBC at the end of the dedicated page id to ensure you are following the right page on FB.

Such attempts become useful today because social media has been a helping hand for content creators all the time. However, in the past 10 years, social media has become almost indispensable and people use it more than anything else in their digital life. So, utilising the power that social media gives to you is not a bad idea. Amit is very hopeful that the readers will love their new initiative and that IBC will also be able to offer readers the recommendations they love without working hard.

Let’s see how much the gap is decreased between the readers and their favourite books with this initiative by IBC. Hopefully, once the initiative becomes a considerable success, other book bloggers in India might follow the path as well. For the time, we will be waiting for the impacts of this campaign and who knows, may you see a page by us, Indian Book Lovers… 🙂


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