India Positive Citizen: Building A Great Nation, one India positive action at a time is a recently published book written by Savitha Rao, a popular advocate-activist who has been inspiring people to participate in nation-building with a positive attitude rather than waiting for others to take actions and passively looking for it. With the publication of this book, the author has taken her idea of a better India to a further distance with a positive India and citizens who are ready to take the responsibility for a better country. The book, in short, is a collection of ideas, stories, instances and vision that can convince a reader to believe in actions. A small idea originating with your small action can certainly travel miles of distance and reach to other like-minded people… culminating in a change that you might want to witness around you.

Savitha Rai’s book is designed in a very interesting way. You can start right from the cover itself – you can begin reading the book, understand the idea of the author by reading her preface, appreciation by the Indian PM Narendra Modi for her ideas, her resolve to create a chain of positive citizens, the real-life stories of people who have led the change by their actions and determination, and then, an appeal from you, the reader, to become a part of the India Positive Society and contribute with your action, time and energy in making our India better, more beautiful and action-driven… if you take the challenge, you can become the co-author of the book by writing your name above the hashtag, #IndiaPositiveCitizen and then write your ideas on the spare pages given at the end of the book… a very interactive book that I have read, believe me!

You can be inspired by reading the stories of people across ages, across the country, from poor to middle class to rich, simply everybody with a positive mindset coming forward to change what they don’t like rather than waiting for someone to come to do the job. Covering the manhole on the roads, lighting a street, properly getting the water-saving ideas to work by manoeuvring the pipes… little ideas, small actions, big impact… eventually! There are emotional examples of how people have been doing their bit for the country for many years.

The author is right when she implies that a better cannot wait any longer and we have to contribute with whatever we can to bring the positive changes. We cannot delay education for all. We cannot delay food for all. We cannot delay sanitation for all… healthcare for all and so many essential things. However, India’s population is too large to get these things done by the government anytime sooner. How can we contribute? The book will tell you how can you become part of a change that is about to come once you convince yourself to become an India Positive Citizen. Are you ready?

India Positive Citizen by Savitha Rao is a book that we all must read and not only read, share with others and inspire ourselves to become a part of the India Positive movement as well. You can get a copy of the book from Amazon or from India Positive website itself:

Amazon Link: buy the book 
India Positive Link: buy the book 


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India Positive Citizen by Savitha Rao – Book Review
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A book with ideas that can change the way you envision goals and your perception about change… a book that must be read!

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