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I-SPY: A Peep into the World of Spies by Amit Bagaria – Review

If you try to collect the data of highest-grossing franchise in movies then it will be certainly some spy movies. Movies like James Bond, Mission impossible, Bourne series, Kingsmen and many more have ruled the world of cinema for so long and a few continue doing so even now. In short, we are the people who love watching spies do feats at the cinema and TV screens. People love to see those heroic works done by secret agents and the audience are really curious to know the realities of these secret agents. However, much cannot be known so easily about these guys who give everything for their countries and the world, at times. Though there are many books that will tell you about spies and their lives in general and in-depth as well, much is still in the game of speculation. However, a recently published book ‘I-SPY’ by Amit Bagaria is an ultimate guide for understanding secret services works, their operations, their training and conflicts among each other. He has presented all the basic information about secret agencies in a detailed manner in his book. He has also covered many other things that a person interested in knowing about spies will find interesting enough to read and enjoy.

The content of the book is pretty simple and tries to provide first-hand information about the secret services of different nations. It rightly begins with the basics of a spy and the qualities that are sought in their personalities. How should a spy behave? How does a spy gather information? What are the basic words in the vocabulary of a spy dictionary? And many other things are offered at the very beginning to make the lives easier for the readers.

Further, the book discusses each institution in detail. Starting from MI6(UK) and ending at VSSE(Belgium) and in between, it includes many institutions like CIA, FSB, MOSSAD, RAW, ISI and many more. The author has listed some data about their employment strength and their budget. Moreover, it can be seen from the budget that the USA is funding more and more in these services compared to any other nation.
From introducing the readers to the life of a spy to letting them know the mission they have to carry and detailing some of the successful and failed missions, the author has done an amazing job here.

One will have to agree that Amit Bagaria has written this book with precision and elaboration at the same time. His book will certainly be loved by those who are interested in these ideas. Moreover, indeed, there are some flaws in the book if you read it too carefully to find those out. Otherwise, whatever Amit has done in his book will be more than sufficient to keep the readers indulged and interested. It certainly justifies the subtitle I-SPY: A Peep into the World of Spies… a title that somewhat readers like a novel written by one of the best crime thriller novelists in India

To conclude, I must say I-Spy by Amit Bagari is wonderful non-fiction and must-read for everyone who has a slight interest in the secret agencies. You can get a copy of this book from Amazon India by clicking the link below:

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review by Ranjit for Indian Book Lovers

I-Spy: A Peep into the World of Spies

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  • Too focused to read at times for casual readers
  • It should have a list of organised references sought by the author
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