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Some Better Reading Habits

How often do you read? Do you read a lot or you just read? The reading habits are not only the mirror of your bookshelf’s rich but also of your interest in the ‘intellectual leisure’. Reading is a habit which can transform you into a better person if you read the titles which possess quality in the content and it could very well work vice-versa as well. Since the ancient times, reading has always been on the priority list of the people who think of themselves as sophisticated. So, here we are – sharing some of the tips which could make you a better reader every day.

What are you reading?

Always be careful about what are you reading. You cannot be comfortable reading the things which you cannot associate with – sometimes it can be fun and at times, it could also be troubling for you. There is no use giving your intellect the moments of terror and better you should stick to the reads which entertain you and please you and enlighten you, not the ones which wrestle with your mind.

Light fiction or literary fiction?

Are you a lover of fictions which just base themselves on certain patterns? Some rainy day; some couple tint; some love story; some romance – maybe sex; and that’s all – the novel is over! You can call it the mode of the day and if you love the novels which ride their bicycle on the same wheels, there is more that you need to explore. You should gear in the habit of reading serious literary fiction which will not only entertain you intellectually but also improve your appreciation capabilities for literary pieces. You will be in a better position to judge which books are proper for a literary read and which ones are just a weekend fine read.

Do you read poetry?

If you are also one of those readers who go on reading only novels and think that that’s enough, you need to change! In a life so short, if you never read poetry, you did nothing! Poetry is far more sophisticated a form of literature than any other genre because not only it’s heightened in the terms of language, the ideas are also, often, of an altogether different level than you might find in most of the prose you read. And poetry reading would surely help you in exploring the ever-unexplored realms of life and be cautious too because an excess of poetry reading might very well make you as disillusioned towards this life as was the poet T S Eliot!

Don’t read forcefully if you are at work!

Reading is not as easy as you do the things in your office – listening to the music and at the same time, developing a project-presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote. Reading is serious and it requires seriousness from your end too. So, if you have to have a book finished, please find idle time for this. Don’t mess your reading messing your work!

We hope these smaller tips will be helpful for you and you will find them so easy to implement. We are not asking you should admit everything we say. Think, weigh, try and then only accept them in your life!

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