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Let’s Read Hindi Literature!

Ready for Hindi Literature 2.0?

Yes, you got it right! It’s coming! Hindi Literature has been on the rise and enlarging and widening readership of Hindi books is a testimony to the aforesaid statement. Gone are the days when authors were known only be their English books; modern days in the nation have been changing the defined definitions so well and this is one of them. As hungry readers, we have been looking at it and we can firmly believe that Hindi Literature is going through a revamp and people are taking an interest in this, for sure!

The time is coming that you will have many Hindi books to read and many Hindi authors who are exploring this ‘brave new world’. And one thing which goes to the advantage of these emerging Hindi authors is that they understand the nerves of the large section of audience rather better than those who wish to convey their thoughts in English. Indian book market is still filled with the readers who would rather read a Hindi book if that can reflect upon the serious issues of life and that can convey the emotions in a simple and better and maybe, an innovative way! As an author, if you can connect with the readers in a language which is heard and spoken by them 20 hours in a day, what better could it be? How much do you want?

And readers, there are some of the loveliest books written in Hindi, the contemporary ones, in our possession and we will be reviewing them one by one in the coming days as soon as we finish those. You will be getting to read the reviews on Indian Book Lovers.

And we will also advise you not to forego the initial thoughts that come to your mind – if you can speak Hindi, you can also read Hindi – there is no shame in that! Let’s begin then, reading in the language that we love and that is close to our hearts! Let’s play our part in the re-revival of Hindi Literature and support those authors who choose to write in Hindi.


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