Sikkim in my Love Story is the title of Narsing Nirzat’s latest book, a collection of short stories. This book has 9 beautifully written and long short stories. All the stories depicted in the collection explore the beauty and beautiful culture of Sikkim and its people. Most of the readers have praised the book for its description of the north-eastern state of India which is always eager to welcome the Indians from different parts of the country… Today, I will tell you more about this book and my experience with this short story collection and whether you should read this one or not.

From the very first story, you will start seeing the glimpse of Sikkim’s beautiful landscapes and the lifestyle of its population. It has a unique feature as well – the author has added a timeline to all the stories and the cover claims that this is a collection which contains ‘stories inspired by real people and true events’. This feature makes the book even more appealing as we all, as Indians, are often curious to know more about our north-eastern brothers.

“There in the heart of that small park was a tiny pond with its rim-line of flat stones arranged to give the pond exact shape of the map of Sikkim.”

This is a simple example of what you find the short stories. Most of the 9 included short stories are full of the display of Sikkim’s length and breadth. As a reader, you do like the story but as a human being, you do admire the beauty of the place by merely knowing about it. It appeals to you in the literary sense but it also appeals to you in an aesthetic sense – come to visit us in Sikkim!

Short stories Sikkim in my Love Story and The Perspective of Love will tell you about various facets of love and various translations of it. A Phase of My Life is about the life of Narsing Nirzat, the author himself. All other stories are also based on true events and all the places mentioned in the book are real. You can actually go and visit them.

Critically, Sikkim in my Love Story is an attempt by the author to tell the readers how does it feel like being in Sikkim. He also wants to tell the readers that how has Sikkim been through the various phases of evolution – as an independent state and then its mingling with India and then the Chinese tension… there are various perspectives added to it and you will certainly like it most of the times. To the negative aspect, on a few occasions, you might feel like the short stories move too slowly and the plot has been left behind. It happens because at times, the author is more focused on letting you know about the places more than the story and this is easily understood.

So, as a reader, I will suggest that you should read the book! Narsing Nirzat is a very popular author with many titles under his name and his latest one is also as good as the older ones. You can have a copy of the book by visiting the link below (Amazon India):

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Sikkim in my Love Story
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The short stories are worth reading… the book has 9 and mostly are amazing! Do read this one by Narsing.

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