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The Shambala Sutras by Aurijit Ganguli blends history myth fiction

Interested in Shambala? Read this novel by Aurijit Ganguli

Shambala… does the name trigger any curiosity inside you? If your answer is yes, you are requested to read the article because it will lead you to the secrets, unlocked doors of myths and perhaps the most mind-boggling theory that you may hear in the context of Shambala. Aurijit Ganguli, a novelist in making, has come up with his debut work based on the secrets surrounding the mythical and legendary kingdom of Shambala which finds important mentions in scriptures, religious texts and mythical stories as well as top secret files of different nations. Are you ready for The Shambala Sutras? 

Aurijit Ganguli’s novel also brings to the fore the tale of famous Sanjeevani Booti that was used in Ramayan by Sushen Vaidya to bring Lakshman back to consciousness when he was injured during the battle with Indrajit, Ravan’s son. This is a very fascinating tale told by a modern Indian novelist in a lucid and captivating manner which will keep you gripped and you cannot leave the literary landscape without completing the story and getting to the conclusion which will leave you stunned, pleasantly shocked and literary satisfied. 

The Shambala Sutras also ensures that the authors in India are more and more concerned with the mythology, ancient history and retelling of the stories which appeal to our conscious more than mere imitation of the stories or the themes by authors outside India – the hegemony of the West is being challenged and also broken to a great extent; we can surely make such assumptions after reading such wonderful novels and I am saying so because I have been reading novels by Indian novelists as well as the novelists from the West for almost 15 years now. 

Well, the real test of Aurijit’s continuity in fiction writing will only happen when he comes up with more works in the future. For now, readers will certainly find his attempt praiseworthy, readable, and enjoyable as well. The novel has been successful at manoeuvring with the variety of legends, tales, folklores and also political conspiracies that you will find during the course of the novel’s progress. Sanjeevani, Shambala, Vishnu Purana, ancient Buddhist scriptures, German connection, many search operations, the hidden dimension… be ready to dive deep into the world of fiction created around a myth of a city which cannot be seen by people… 

You can read the novel and find it out yourself. One of our readers will also be reading and reviewing the novel by Aurijit Ganguli very soon. For your convenience, the link to purchase the novel from Amazon India has been added below. You can click the link to directly reach the purchasing page where you can buy a digital or the paperback copy of this brilliantly written novel: 

Buy the novel now – click here 

article by Ravi for Indian Book Lovers 


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