Title: All About IAS Interview
Authors: K. Siddhartha & Vedant Ojha
Published by: Kitab Mahal
Number of Pages: 268
Genre: Non-fiction, competitive exam books
Suitable for: UPSC aspirants

As an ambitious aspirant of civil services examination in India, I have been busy, most of the times, in looking for the suitable materials which can help me in preparing myself for the big day in my life – the intermediate exam or PT, the mains and ultimately the Interview. However, I can easily find the books which are better than many others for mains and PT, I had been facing a tough luck finding some good books for the interview part and not to forget, the marks and the performance there matter a lot! In my pursuit, I have been coming across a number of ‘good’ books which just could not be better and I could not look up to them after the initial round of reading. One day, I came across this quality book on UPSC interview by Kitab Mahal Publishers – All About IAS Interview, written by a mentor himself, K. Siddhartha.

The best thing about this book is that it is written with every IAS aspirant in mind – those who are just thinking about it, those who have already appeared in the PT or Mains and those who have already made it to the interview but could not make it to the list of the selected candidates. The content is organised in the best possible way in this book if I compare it with all other books that I own. On the content delivery part, thus, there is nothing to complain. However, the pages in the book could be better but that’s on the publisher’s part to deal with and because it doesn’t cost much either, so that’s something I could bear easily.

If you are thinking that you will find a lot of questions with the answers in All About IAS Interview, you are wrong. It’s nothing like the usual titles on this subject. You are introduced to the UPSC interview and various parts of it – for example, Structured and Unstructured Interview, Lead Interview, Stress Interview, and then different kinds of question patterns on which the interviews are based. And this information is very very vital!

Likewise, the section which mulls on the important issues and brings the key points highlighted in a box is equally useful. That’s the point where the aspirants can engage in groups and discuss those points so that they make themselves prepared for the unwarranted questions on the day of the interview.

In short, the authors have done extensively in bringing a book such as All About IAS Interview and I will also thank the publishers that they have kept the price very pocket-friendly because, generally, the UPSC books are costly just because those are UPSC preparation books… I will suggest my IAS aspirant friends go for this book if they are looking for something stable and actually useful for their IAS interview preparation. You can get this amazing book on the link below:

All About IAS Interview by K. Siddhartha – Buy Now on Amazon India

review by Sunayna Sanyal for Indian Book Lovers

All About IAS Interview
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Content – Super
Relevance – Contemporary
Ideal for – UPSC Aspirants

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