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Exam Warriors – Book Review

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Exam Warriors is the latest book by PM Narendra Modi and this one is for the students who fear examinations most often. Not only students, the guardians and teachers also can take benefit of this book. The book is written in a friendly style and it does not tend to be too intellectually a typical motivational book which actually goes on to make the readers even more demoralised at the end of the reading; not to mention, which is, rather dreadful! Exam Warriors is a simple book aimed at helping the students in realising their true potential and face the examinations rather cheerfully!

Written in English originally, the book has seen many translated versions and people from different regions of the country are enjoying the book and taking advantage of it in the language of their choice. This 208-page work has many visual arts and it teaches, guides, opines and advises – all together – there are exercises for the students to complete. They do these things; they learn; they move ahead. And the book finishes rather sooner than expected and you don’t even feel heavy because you have just finished a book; you rather feel lighter and refreshed because you have learnt something and that’s the magic Exam Warriors brings to you!

Narendra Modi has voiced his concern for the students of the country many times and the same you will see in this book. He has just compiled his ideas together because a book says more than a speech and that’s natural. He has also raised his ideas about the education caricature in India. We tend towards education for various purposes missing the whole point that education is also for the purpose of gaining knowledge and thus, we rather prepare more than we develop.

Many other ideas in the book Exam Warriors are for the students who have various issues related to exams. Sometimes they are afraid and other times they are stressed. Modi tells them how to manage these negative feelings and thoughts and atmosphere during the examination period. He does not shy away from calling out the parents who bring about a curfew in the home just because of an examination and pressurise their children with the burden of expectations which is entirely unnecessary.

You are certainly going to love the book Exam Warriors and you must have a copy right now! The best thing about the book is that it is cheaper compared to many other books you might have read recently – just 60 Rs (89 for Hindi version). Get your copy from the link below:

Hindi – Exam Warriors by Modi – Amazon India

English – Exam Warriors by Modi – Amazon India


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