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Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life – Aparna Tulpule – Review

There have been the days when I read books that were almost academic. However, there are academic or almost academic books that make you realise, once you begin reading those, that those books can be read by casual or non-academic or even the leisure readers alike. I will tell you about a book that I read recently – Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life. This title is written by Aparna Tulpule and the title is, maybe strictly, meant to be read by the academic students who are into study of logic. However, the title is also suggested for the readers who, out of curiosity, want to know about logic and the real depth to which it goes in the general life that we often ignore.

Right from the beginning, the book has been quite interesting and it does not allow the readers to feel overpowered by the clumsy academic discourse that we often encounter in the case of academic books. Aparna has kept her intellectual biases off her narrative and she has done her best in simplifying the book and its concepts for the readers who are common as well. I come from a background of history and I could still fathom the book save the mathematic intoxication in a chapter – it was all fun for me! I enjoyed learning how struggling it is to be logical. Aparna’s choice of examples and scenarios are interesting and that makes the book even more enjoyable.

She begins with the introduction to logic and takes it forward into the depths of its academic ramifications that any student would love to learn. Her book may be academic but it does not become too academic to send off the readers who are just reading the book for the sake of reading. On the other hand, it is very useful and helpful for the students who have to answer logical reasoning questions in various competitive examinations. It introduces, enlightens and widens one’s understanding about logic, arguments, negation, assertion and various other complex aspects. In short, Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life is a multipurpose book that you can read and learn from even if you are a common reader, student, professor and an intellectual. There is no restriction on the content of the book that has been designed wonderfully by the author.

You can get a copy of the book from Amazon India and start reading it right away. There have been very few books that become as this one has already been! I commend the skills of Aparna Tulpule and hope she continues the distinct journey that she has chosen for herself.

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Review by Suraj for Indian Book Lovers Blog

Sense & Syllogism: Logic in Life

100 Rs



Examples & Explanations


Order of Chapters


Overall Ease for Readers


I Commend

  • Discourse Building
  • Simple way of Explanation
  • Ease of Reading
  • Interesting & Gripping

Could be Better

  • A few choices of examples
  • A few Generalisations made
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