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My Reading List Updates – IBL

There is nothing in the world that could make better sense than reading a few good books and losing your time in a cause that is better than investing your time in a cause that is worthless. I found myself reading a few wonderful books this month. I would love to share my experience with all my readers. And let me make one thing very clear that I enjoy reading more than any other form of recreation – reading, in the words of Bacon, ‘maketh a full man’ as well as gentlewoman, if I could protract the line by him.

As I will be, very soon, beginning my research on Indian English Poetry, I began reading the collections of poems by Indian English Poets and in the line, I read R. Parthasarthy’s very famous collection – Ten Twentieth Century Indian Poets. This collection proved to be a benchmark in the history of Indian English Literature when it first appeared in the year 1971. It introduced the world of Indian poetry readers ten new poets – the poets who were ambitious enough to prove their worth and to leave their marks upon the barks of the tree that could never fully grow… Parthasarthy’s collection includes poems by the poets like Kamala Das, Shiv K Kumar, Nissim Ezekiel and 7 others. It also includes the poems by R. Parthasarthy himself. This is a gentle and effective collection to introduce any beginner level reader of Indian English poetry to the established icons.

Another poetry book I read recently was another collection – The Oxford India Anthology of Twelve Modern Indian Poets and it is edited by A K Mehrotra. This book contains quality poems by quality poets and you will like it for sure if you love poetry and the art of writing poems. This book will certainly be more than just helpful with my research purposes, I am sure.

Also, when it comes to some of the best crime thriller novelists in India right now, you cannot forget the books by contemporary authors who are contributing a lot to the ever-growing list of works in this genre. There are many authors who are trying to do great and there have been many who have already done great. However, I tried going back and read some of the novels of the early days of science fiction by H G Wells and Marry Shelley and I liked reading both the novels without any doubt.

So, what have you been reading recently? Did you get a chance to read any of the works I listed above? Did you read any novels recently? DO share your thoughts in the comment section and we can be friends for sure. All the best with your reading list!

A contribution by Sundar for Indian Book Lovers

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