Book: USAma: Is USA The World’s Largest Terrorist?
Author: Amit Bagaria
Publisher: Notion Press
Year: 2019
Pages: 422
Genre: Non-fiction
Ideal Readers: Readers who like reading books on international affairs, global politics
Rating: 6.5/10
Review by: Akhilesh for Indian Book Lovers 

The title of this book may compel any reader to think and keep thinking for long. The USA that antagonises any other nation at its own decretion, can it be a terrorist nation? Amit claims the USA to be the world’s largest terrorist – one step ahead of any other claim in the books published before. However, unlike most of the books published about USA’s involvements in the foreign nations’ affairs (internal and external), here, the author has presented naked facts (within his own limits) to the readers on which he makes his claims. 

“Is this not clear evidence how USG agencies and US-based “think tanks”– most commonly under the garb of doing “humanitarian” work – clandestinely work against foreign nations?” 

Amit Bagaria asks the readers in the middle of a running chapter. There are many questions like the one above that keeps popping to the readers every now and then during the book-reading. The bigger question is – on what basis the author has made such a controversial claim? 

Amit Bagaria tells the readers that since the bombing at Hiroshima in the second world war, the USA has been actively patronising other countries with its might and its strong intelligence penetration in different countries. This book has 33 chapters and all the chapters deal with different aspects of the same premise – the USA has been actively doing what it wants and destabilising the democratic and otherwise structure of the nations it wants. 

The fundamental of terrorism, these days, is getting inspiration from a religious purview – like ISIS, LeT, JeM and many others. On the basis of that, one can certainly conclude that Pakistan is a terrorist nation – not the USA. However, Amit seems to be counting the corpses for which the accountability is not established – he himself has tried to ‘reveal’ the secret operations that are covert and classified – so, how can one be so sure? 

At the centre of Amit’s content, the CIA is constantly featuring as the perpetrator-in-chief. CIA is known to the world as an agency that has capabilities and motifs to do what it does. ‘Drone Strikes’ we all know about and why CIA justifies it is also a known-secret. Amit’s arguments may seem legitimate as far as killing people for ‘sport’ is concerned. However, his arguments that the USA is killing innocent people in the guise of fighting terror seems flawed only because we cannot let the terrorists loose if they are in the civilian patches – we have to take them out and kill them before they kill many – Mumbai, WTC, Sri Lanka, Israel and so on… 

To conclude my review, the book is an interesting articulation of concerns against the USA that gives rise to many questions and tries to satisfy the readers with quick answers in the same breath. It will be interesting for readers who are interested in international affairs and the deeds of the USA. You can get a copy from Amazon India by clicking the link below: 

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review by Akhilesh for Indian Book Lovers

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