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The Kumbh Travelogue: 2019 – A Photo Journey by Anuj Tikku – Review

The Kumbh Travelogue book review anuj tikku

“It was relentless as a sea of saffron descended on the holy banks igniting a spiritual frenzy. Yes, this was our great Vedic culture in all its colours embracing the world and showing off its splendour.”

Yes, the scenes at Kumbh Mela is nothing lesser than the above description by a travel writer Anuj Tikku who used to be an actor in Bollywood movies once upon a time and has done some memorable roles as well. However, now Anuj has moved on from his Bollywood days and indulges himself in spirituality and writing. He also does travel blogging and shares his experiences with his readers and audience via his blog, books as well as YouTube videos. So, this one, The Kumbh Travelogue 2019: A Photo Journey was published after the Kumbh Mela of 2019 – one of the biggest and most successfully organised one till the date.

Anuj has written about his experience of being at his very first Kumbh Mela. He has written about his experience of the first-ever dip in the holy Sangam at Prayagraj. He has shared his experiences of walking among the devotees. He shared his thoughts on the saints and sages who came from different parts of India to be at Kumbh. He also shared his frank views on the organisation, facilities, management and cleanliness by the government.

The Kumbh Travelogue becomes an interesting book for the readers who want to know how did all happen. For those who could not attend the biggest religious gathering on the planet this year, Anuj has managed to bring those moments back with his writings. To add further interest, he has also shared some of the ideas that he executed to contribute his part for the betterment of Prayagraj – the plan to collect a one rupee coin from everyone Anuj and his colleagues met at the Kumbh.

And to sum up, the book is well-written. Not extraordinary but certainly a well-executed travel memoir that summarises a few of the best Kumbh 2019 moments viewed and experienced by Anuj closely. The readers who might be interested in this book are the ones who want to know more about Kumbh and also those who want to understand the first-hand experience of being one among the many people who come to Prayagraj with same devotion in the heart. If you are also one of the possible and ideal readers of the book on 2019 Kumbh Mela, please go ahead and get a copy from Amazon Kindle store and you will surely enjoy it! Photos by Anuj have made the book further interesting and visually appealing!

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review by Santosh for Indian Book Lovers

The Kumbh Travelogue
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A very close and animated retelling of one’s own experiences at the 2019 edition of Kumbh Mela!

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